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Khampa Ladies | Tibet. Ornaments make up most of the life savings of many Khampa families. They are saved up for over many years and handed down for centuries from generation to generation within families. Until very recently, these families were nomadic ~ moving every few months because of the snowy seasons in the Himalayas ~ thus storing their wealth in portable form, such as art, precious fabrics and particularly jewellery and ornaments.

Ngawa, Amdo, Tibet | Woman from Ngawa dressed in her family treasures of coral, gold, silver and other jewelry. This lady probably wears 10 to 15kg of coral necklaces alone (the rest of her jewelry worn on her back and below the waist might be the same again!), so must get very tired after hours of wearing all this! That's why dressing up like this happens only once a year at most. Both the silver belt with huge inlaid coral, and the headdress are style special to Ngawa. Photographer: ?

Der 15. Januar sieht nach dem tibetischen Kalender den letzten Höhepunkt der Feierlichkeiten zum tibetischen Neujahr vor, das sogenannte Butterlampen Fest oder auch Chunga Choepa.