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  • Joanna Knowles

    Pirate Queen steampunk corset... I love this! The colour, the corset, the blouse beneath it and even the fringe on the skirt. Lovely! Maybe I should become a pirate queen when steampunk fashion takes over. :P

  • sophie archer

    Steampunk pirate!

  • Zoe Noyes

    the dress

  • Amy K

    Queen Pirates | Photoshoot for Gasoline Glamour Jewelry - Photographer: Phantom Orchid, Model:Iren mirror, MUA:Rudy van den Berg, Stylist & Hair: Bibian Blue

  • My Hair My Glory

    old fashion clothes picture | old fashion | Tumblr

  • V Cast

    Steampunk/Gothic Ladies | Beauty | Fashion | Costume | Creativity | Corset

  • Tjalara Draper

    Model: Iren Mirror Corset: Bibian Blue Photo: Phantom Orchid

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Look what I found! Three guesses who this is and the first two don't count. >> you're so gorgeous!!!!!!!!

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Aye, now here be a fine wench's pirate outfit. She be carryin' the keys too, so ye best be nice to her! #pirates

I love Ally Fell. He created the steampunk Tarot deck I love so much :) Digital art and illustration by Alastair Fell. HIs blog is "Port Out, Starboard Home"-http:/...

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006) Costume Design by Penny Rose

pirate doll- she is freaky looking... but gives a good idea for clothing and accessories

for the costume dance: eye make up. bandana.

Well let's see, I already have a red cloak in my imaginary wardrobe, so this would need to be black. Mmm, pirate fashion. ♥ the Colonial era.

Our secret MIT Pirate School Alumni plaque. Shshh...don't we all have to get matching tattoos...(Baron Samedi wall plaque)Vasia Tiraidi Tiraidi Papazoglou, @I am Calypso, Clinton Carbonell Carbonell Smith