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  • Sue Barnett

    abandoned library with tree At least there is still life in that old library.

  • Shelf Life

    What an amazing Internet treasure! This looks just like the high school library I am teacher librarian for! Well, maybe kind of like this! We do have a Book Fair going now with a construction paper palm tree in the center. The "tree of knowlege" sends strong roots throughout each library! Thanks, dream library #library

  • Cristina Runkel

    Abandoned Library | Post-Apocalyptic diorama created by Lori Nix, as seen in her book "The City."

  • Morgwyn Fourie

    - Lori Nix, The Library, 2007, Photograph of diorama, from The City Series. Oh, a post-apocalyptic library diorama. There could likely be nothing more pleasing to me than the image of trees growing out of the paper house of a library. And it’s a diorama. Which makes it even more wonderful and terrible.  It reminds me of this photo, of the amazing old “Main Building” of the Public Library of Cincinnatti, taken in 1874. The building seen below closed in 1955. The library had ...

  • Missy Clanton

    Lori Nix - Library, 2007   Post-Apocalyptic Diorama from The City Series #мор #тургор Obviously an ugly library... But also makes me curious about combining both my loves: trees and books

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asdfghjkl; A library complete with a ladder is all I need. Seriously.

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"While my mother and her friends were starting a private school, we ran across books piled like this that were being disgarded, so we gathered them up, reviewed them and created a school library. This looks like another kind of disaster, but good books lost are a shame, and ones full of propaganda are a shame too." -MTSites Hmmm..... Interesting......

Library, Paris, France "The real reading begins when we no longer read only for entertainment and escape, but to find. "(John Guéhenno (1890-1978))

Now this is how pots and pans should be stored....lowes and home depot sell them - I need this!!!

Two Story Library This was another "what if" moment... When this sunken library was in construction, I looked up and said "What if we did a catwalk around the room?"... This is the result- a rich wood-paneled two story library with a reading niche on the second level. The stained and scored concrete features a sharp navigational star design in the middle... -Design by Champagne Chic Interiors