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Amen... You're a nurse, you are not too good for any job there is to be done!!!

I just came up with this quote, and made it into a graphic, enjoy! "Be the type of nurse you want to work with" - Brian Short RN

A lot worse

I'm just a student, but I know I've seen worse. Yet even worse will come.

When your people are suffering, His Spirit moves through you to bring them health, peace, and hopefully both in those same moments.

To my beauuuiutiful love of my life Happy nurses week Hahaha krystle wetttteeeeerrrtreeerr RN BSN ccppprrnnnnn hahahaha lov and you baby

Nurse confessions

Nurse confessions--nurses don't get nearly enough credit, but I absolutely love my job. I don't do it for the recognition. So true.

At Night I Dress Up As A Nurse Phone Case

"At Night I Dress Up As A Nurse" Phone Case

"At Night I Dress Up A Nurse" quote on a black hard plastic phone case with a a night scene! Having a medical job is a tough job, have a little fun with this design. Great for Nurses, Doctors, CNA, Am

I'm in!!!!

For all the Nurses who have had to disimpact a Patient. YES you are going to Heaven. O sweet Jesus yes!