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Don't ever think they don't know. They just don't understand why.

Vietnam Memorial at sunset

Very sad but amazing all at the same time... I wish all people in this world could be as thoughtful as this man

Mr. President!

Seth Rogan & Michael Moore feel the same way they do about Chris Kyle as Obama does, isn't that obvious?

Chris Kyle -- Murdered American HERO ignored by the White House. What a disgrace!

A patriot

(P) Please let us pray for all those military ~ fighting for us!

The Blue Angels - Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornet planes - fly in formation past a line of U.S. flags

For love of country and dogs

Military Kiss -

So gracious to call "Tie"...LOVE our military!!!! Drum Battle Between U.S. Marines & Their S.Korean Counterparts Will Likely Give You ‘Patriotic Chills’ | Video |

WE CAN CATEGORIZE: | 76 Reasons Why America Is The Greatest Country In The World

Beyond words....

American Sacrifice

Why they fight.

Memorial Day on the boat.

To all who were killed in the line of duty....We will never forget. Rest in God's peace.

Our flag

Two kinds of goodbye… Why do people pin fashion more than heroes?.....

"The Military Religious Freedom Foundation is demanding "so help me God" be stricken from the Air Force Academy's Honor Code. Don't let this anti-Christian group use the Academy as unwitting pawns in their strategy to eviscerate religious freedom in the Armed Forces. Sign & share our petition standing up for religious freedom in the military. ". Jay Sekulow @ October 25, 2013

Why dogs are so amazing

Animals are amazing.....this shows me people are capable of being amazing too