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"It's my very own tree!" I declared. Often as I lay beneath its branches, I fancied it was whispering to me in a rasping tone; as it dropped leaves in my face, I imagined them to be caresses. Helene Glidden

Some people are forced to be strong. Life sometimes pushes them to their limits to make them realize that the limits are just an illusion they create. When they think they are not strong, life will give them challenges to prove them wrong.

Fashion, travel, nature, food, music, interior design and photography. Visit my poetry blog feastforthesenses

Women’s beauty has inspired humans to dream of a pure, human-condition-free world—as biologist Jeremy Griffith explains in his book ‘FREEDOM: The End Of the Human Condition’, “we lose our soul, of which women is the immemorial image” Read more:

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