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"I'm here for the boos!" HILARIOUS! I LOVE IT!

Handpainted Ghost Halloween Wine Glass - This is for my friend Erin - who makes the cutes wine glasses.

Awesome Cookie Monster pumpkin idea

21 Pumpkin Carving Ideas Would love to do a cookie monster pumpkin for my little daughter for Halloween this year

Halloween 2014.

Handprints & footprint Halloween prints This is a super cute idea! I don't have kids yet but in the future.

We can always justify a glass of wine, anytime. Add some fun to your next party with these Wine Justification stemless wine glasses.

Wine Justification Stemless Wine Glasses

a website that is filled with cool ideas for old wine bottles.

It is no secret we love us a repurposed wine bottle project here at Totally Green Crafts. See how Ashbee Design created this beautiful fall table-scape starring candy corn wine bottles. Pin It

Large construction paper Halloween Silhouette for your front window.  Keep your home private while entertaining the goblins and ghouls!

30 Simple Halloween Ideas for Mysteriously Glowing Window Decorations

25 Ideas To Decorate Windows With Silhouettes On Halloween. This is so easy. Cut out any scary shapes on black cardboard, tape to window panes, cover with yellow tissue paper and light from behind.

Its Written on the Wall: 16 Versions Youve Been BOOed! Fun Treats for the Neighborhood!

The good old days of boo-ing the neighbors! 16 Versions Youve Been BOOed! Fun Treats for the Neighborhood!

brownies, pretzels, and a marshmallow. such a cute halloween party favor

Brownie/Pretzel Skeletons: Cut brownies into squares and cover in ganache. Place short bamboo skewer near back of brownie. Slip white chocolate pretzels over skewer. Top with marshmallow; face drawn on w/ edible marker.

Good idea for Halloween party snack..lol, love it! (Ghost poop, haahhaaa)

Halloween Boo Mix Recipe and Free Printable Bag Topper

Does grade have a party? Kids can make and bag Boo Mix: candy corn - goblin teeth, mini marshmallows ghost poop, raisins - witches warts, cereal - monster scabs. Design the bag topper also?

Candy corn cocktails

Hate the taste of candy corn, but love tropical fruit flavors? Then this candy corn cocktail is for you. It’s made with pineapple vodka, orange sherbet, pineapple juice, milk and simple syrup.

OMG These Halloween treats are easy, adorable, and fun!

Ridiculously Easy Halloween Treats

OMG These Easy Halloween Treats are simple, adorable, and fun. You need to try these out for a Halloween party or just a fun Halloween night with the kids.

Smoking BOO bombs- a super fun Halloween activity!  Kids love tossing these at the pavement to create a ghostly smoke show (these are easy to make and cost next to nothing to put together)

Smoking BOO Bombs- a super fun Halloween activity for kids. Boo BOMBS for Halloween. These are easy to make and cost next to nothing, always a bonus.

(At least) 140 FREE Halloween Pumpkin Carving Patterns

It's Written on the Wall: (At least) 140 FREE Halloween Pumpkin Carving Patterns. Even Disney Princess patterns!