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King Of The Cowboys on his Tennessee Walking Horse Trigger. This is Trigger Jr, aka Allen's Golden Zephyr, a Full blooded Tennessee Walker unlike Trigger, a reported Thoroughbred-TW cross

Trigger. originally named Golden Cloud, was a 15.3 hands palomino horse, made famous in American Western films with his owner/rider, cowboy star Roy Rogers. Trigger's sire was a Thoroughbred and his dam a grade (unregistered) mare who, like Trigger, was a palomino.

A great painting of Roy Rogers and "The Little Horse" (called that!) that replaced Trigger in "Son of Paleface". He was the dancing "Trigger" and was a Tennessee Walking Horse.

King was foaled around 1932 and he was considered an ideal Quarter horse. Many horses have been modeled on King P-234. He was the 234th horse registered by AQHA. (Steel Dust pedigree)

from Etsy

New STICK HORSE art by ellen Tennessee Walking Horse

OMYGOODNESS! The STICK*Horses have finally arrived at Etsy! Loved and collected like mad on Ebay, these little sweeties have migrated over here to spread cheer in this world. THIS ART IS CALLED: STICK*Horse : TWH An homage to the Tennessee Walking Horse, and all gaited STICK Horses out there. Rack on! This one reminds me of 'Midnight Sun'. THIS ITEM: is a 5"x7" printed directly from the ORIGINAL art, Kodak Ultra Premium (the highest quality) Photo Paper 74lb high gloss 10 mil; with top quality HP inks, quality guaranteed for life. I also retouch each one of these BY HAND with accents on the tack and to beef up quality and value. Every print is different and every one is perfect. You will love collecting STICK HORSES! WHAT ARE STICK*HORSES AND WHERE DID THEY COME FROM ?... STICK*Horses can do all things that regular 3-D horses can do, and they do it always with style. In STICK*Land, every horse and rider are winners every time, so you'll never get a loser in the bunch. And STICK*Horses perform in all disciplines and know all sorts of horse games, so come on in and check out all the STICKs for sale today from GiddyUp Studio, the exclusive home of STICK*Horses! STICK*Horses are copyrighted by artist Ellen C. Maze. STICK*Horses can also be custom made! You can choose the colors and discipline--all the particulars! Email me and we'll do it thru so everybody wins.