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i want cute couple pictures like this. hey i got the best boy i know @Lauren Davison Hemelstrand Hoyle and i got my daddy's truck... #pictalknyks

i want cute couple pictures like this. hey i got the best boy in the world

i want cute couple pictures like this and plus i got my daddy's truck...

i want cute couple pictures like this -@Tia Tiara Stott Me too girl

This is such a cute couple picture!!!!

Cute couple photo idea

Relationship Goal

Creative couple photography ideas ❤ liked on Polyvore Boyfriend,Couple pictures,DoInG ThIs!!!!,If I ever get a boyfriend,Photography,Photos,Picture This,Stuff,

Ruffledfrom Ruffled

hipster engagement session

cute engagement picture. #engagementphoto #countrycouple #relationshipgoals

another engagement photo idea

cute engagement picture idea

Cute couple picture idea

engagement pic ideas

cute couples picture

couple photo idea

Couples picture

Engagement Picture Ideas by cheer.brit18 on

take a picture every season the first year of your marriage and hang in a four square frame - Engagement Photo Ideas, Photography #Engagement #photoideas #engagement photography

couple, couples photography, couples pictures, in love, engagement pictures, engagement photos, picture ideas

Photo idea: take a picture every season the first year of your marriage and hang in a four square frame

Take a picture every season the first year of your marriage and hang in a four square frame...engagement photo idea?

Take a picture every season the first year of your marriage and hang in a four square frame.-- also, this would be an adorable save the date/engagement photo idea

Love this look for a great couple photo.......IDEA!

::: love ::: couple photo idea :::

#happy #engagementphoto

This post sponsored by: Mrs. Maid Of Honor!   Be sure to head on over to for some no-nonsense wedding planning inspiration, tips and resources!     It looks like everyone's favorite blog post is on the engagement picture ideas I put together in my last engagement pictures post.  So, I thought I would post some more cute ideas I have seen recently. { photo from Benfield Photography } How cute is that picture!  This is obviously a wedding day picture, but the pose could go for either.   { photo from ?} I really like this pose for some reason.  Maybe because it is the girl admiring the guy, when usually the poses are the other way around.  It's fresh. { Photo from Andria Lindquist's blog } I love that this picture showcases the ring and they are smiling at each other.  Perfect hand placement. { Photo from Style Me Pretty by StudioFoto } Fun engagement pictures are always endearing.  Its neat to see their personalities in the photos. { photo from } It's not very often you see engagement pictures utilizing snow.  I love it! { photo from Julie Parker Photography } This would be such a cute save the date!  Plus it would be so easy to make, you just have to get some flowers and shape them into a heart! { Photo by Donna Newman Photography } I love when engagement pictures show cool parts of the city where they live/met/are getting married!  I like that they have sunglasses on too!  { photo from  tumblr } Just plain sweet.   { photo from google } { photo from tumbr } I cannot get enough of this picture!! So adorable!  It's a sweet intimate pose without being sexual. { photo from } The background and filter on this photo is fantastic! { photo from tumblr } You can never go wrong with some in the moment pictures.  Smiles and having fun always make good photos! Be sure and comment with links or photos of your favorite engagement picture ideas!  Enjoy!

Crazy Stupid Love <3

Cute engagement photo. and, you know, ryan gosling and emma stone, some of the coolest people ever.

Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling...they should have been the main couple in Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling..i love Crazy, Stupid, Love so much!! It was fantastic movie!

two beautiful people in one picture ;] Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling. Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling in 'Crazy Stupid Love'. Best Romance Comedy EVER <3

Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling <3 I just died! Two of my favorite people!

My girl crush, Emma Stone and super dreamy, Ryan Gosling!

Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling on Crazy Stupid Love

#CrazyStupidLove Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone

vintage camera

vintage camera - going to print and frame these and hang them in my girl cave Like, Comment, Repin !!

vintage camera - going to use the heart shaped strap to display my old camera in a shadow box.

I love this....and Argus cameras were once made in Ann Arbor.

vintage camera by Natalie Larin Love Old school wallpaper

vintage camera

vintage camera ((heart w/strap))

Photographer/ vintage camera

vintage video camera

#camera #vintage

So creative

Couple photo idea: Use photo booth strips to tell a story #PANDORAloves #romance #love Cute idea...

Awww, super cute(!) photobooth idea for save-the-date cards | wedding, invitations, save the date

i am in love with this. totally in love with this engagement photo idea

great use of photo booth! #cute #ideas #photography #love

cute wedding photo #wedding #photo #booth #photobooth

WEDDING PICTURE IDEA (couple do a moving photo booth)

creative photo booth idea #photobooth #wedding

Photo Booth Idea... Great for save the date!

Cute wedding photo booth idea


#Beautiful photography# Little girl with paper hearts love cute girl pink hearts kids

Follow My Heart. This would be cuter then flowers for the flower girl

have flower girl drop paper hearts down the aisle with a few flowers!

paper hearts instead of flower petals for a flower girl? i love it!!

Little girl with paper hearts love cute girl pink hearts kids

Oh my goodness- ADORABLE- Valentine's Day photo idea!

cute photo idea for the flower girl <3

Instead of the regular flowergirl ;)

photography ideas

I love going on a road trip or a cruise with you. It's so relaxing to have the person I love enjoying life with.

My parents have a picture like this from every road trip they've been on together..... Life is so sweet =0)

Fav thing about being in the car on road trips. Some days I miss her so much. I've honestly never loved another person as much as I love her. I miss her so much right now.

This picture is so simple and sweet. I love a good road trip with my hubby!

I love road trips with you, my love. ~ETS #roadtrips #love

This could be a cute ring shot for a engagement photo

The little things that say "I love you."

Saying "I love you" with a simple touch

Sunday drive engagement photo

perfect balance of great stuff and great light

Light Reflection On The Water Balloons Bike #bicycles, #bicycle, #pinsland,

silhouettes on the beach . bicycle . balloons . sunset

Sunset, reflection on the beach, balloons, bike, lovers!

I love this shot of the bike & balloons at sunset.

Beach, balloons, bicycle, and love. Nothing cuter.

engagement photo idea/ she loves the movie "Up"

light, reflection, balloons! photography-ideas

Cute engagement photo idea

This maternity photo is proof positive that not every image needs to be tack-sharp.

maternity photo shoot blurred shot against the sun - silhouette

maternity#Photo Shoots|

Maternity Photoshoot - Pregnancy Photos

kissing couple - maternity session

Maternity #Photography Images

Maternity Pictures Ideas

Maternity photo idea

Maternity shoot

ralph lauren

“After a moment, he found my neck, kissing the nape, his teeth grazing my skin and causing me to make a small noise very much like a whimper. Before I could take another breath, his lips met mine and I was lost to his touch.” ― Cyrese Covelli, Wolfsmage

I don't think you liking having your neck kissed as much as I love kissing it

Mi amor te dare todos los besos que quieras en donde tu mas quieras

Neck kisses have the power to make me shiver with delight …

Oh how I love the back of my neck kissed...

I love your sweet kisses in my neck

engagement photo idea

tenderly neck kiss me

A kiss...

"As the Sun rises on a new day, the only umbrella you'll need is a smile." (Laos) #provestra

Perhaps the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. :') <3

Such an adorable, sweet and happy girl!

Young smile by phitar, via Flickr

such a beautiful smile - Laos

Beautiful smiles - VI

Smile laugh

baby smile

Young smile

heart steps

Trailing Hearts Wherever She Goes. Valentines Days Ideas #Valentines, #pinsland,

Trailing Hearts Wherever She Goes. Valentines Days Ideas #Valentines, #pinsland,

trailing hearts... Cute idea for valentine pics

Steps of Love! Engagement photo shoot?

sidewalk chalk hearts :)

Chalk hearts. Cute idea.

sidewalk hearts

heart steps.

Photo idea

Kissing under Mistletoe :)

There is a Mistletoe Dr. in Indianapolis. Mistletoe Dr. Indianapolis Indiana 46237... I live in Indianapolis & never knew this! Engagement picture, Christmas card?

Under the mistletoe. Engagement photo idea, or just a couples photo.

What a cool picture idea! Must find this street!

Holiday photo idea, street sign

Street Sign Engagement Picture

Cutest couple pic ever!!!!

Mistletoe Drive

holiday card

You know what?  Last year I remember thinking, “this will probably be our last Christmas without a baby.”  We had already been trying for quite some time, and Christmas 2010 seemed so far away.  Twelve whole months of possibilities.  Maybe our baby wouldn’t be born yet, but surely he or she would be well on the way.  Time flies.  Twelve months of testing, poking, prodding, wishing, waiting, hoping, wanting… still no baby.  Still no SIGN of baby.  Christmas is when I miss our baby the most.  I felt a little bit sad writing our Christmas letter.  Our family picture looks like an engagement picture. We are young and in love… and don’t have any children.  Any news our family might have is overshadowed by pregnancies and births.  It isn’t really fun to feel stuck and left behind.  Luckily, I have the very best husband in the world.  I say it all the time, but it’s true dang it!  I am SO SO SO grateful for our family, as little as it is.  Yesterday, we were sitting in the office, and Spencer signed on to his facebook account to retrieve some addresses for Christmas cards.  As I was writing the addresses down, Spencer foolishly left to get himself a snack… leaving his beloved facebook page to my devices.  I had just enough time to change his facebook picture to a picture of my mom and to sign out of his account.  Spencer realized his folly too late, and came rushing into the office hollering, “I made a stupid mistake!” He had to pry me away from the keyboard to log back in to his account and assess the damage.  He did change his picture, but not before one of our friends had commented that he sure looks a lot like his mother-in-law. This wasn’t the first time this happened.  We jump at the opportunity to change the other person’s profile picture/status if given the chance.  We just love to laugh and tease and have fun.  I love that Spencer is my best friend.  Even if we have to wait ten more years (but sheesh, I REALLY hope not!) to find our baby, I’m glad I get to wait with my sweetheart.  P.S. (Why I'm a blog post I don’t know, it just seemed like the right thing to say…) We have been having lots of fun making comic strips lately, like the up top.  I’ll have to share more sometime.  They make me giggle.

Cool idea for a flower girl picture!

Photo Idea for flower girl

Shadow photography idea


Shadow picture

Family picture! Click here to download Download whole gallery Kids photography Click here to download Download whole gallery cute family christmas picture Click here to download Download whole gallery

20 Things You Wish You Knew About Posing for Photos Love this picture idea for boys cool idea

cool idea christmas baby photo ideas Starbucks costume... Aww! I love this Mama Avian and Daddy Benson....oh nuuuuu this happiness. It makes my heart do odd things. What a beloved feeling it is to be a Grandmama to your characters' babies.... cute photo idea

cool idea Christmas photo idea Christmas "Love" Saying Cute thank you cards So sweet...would make a great Christmas card!

Downgraf | Design Inspiration and Web Developing Blogfrom Downgraf | Design Inspiration and Web Developing Blog

30 Inspirational Portrait Photography


Kristin, if you had blue eyes.. you'd look like this!! *wow*

Maybe this with mike behind me since we both have blue eyes

Christmas photo idea

senior picture idea

Winter photography

Winter portrait

Blue Eyes

Red hat

New Winter Eye Make Up Looks, Trends & Ideas 2013/ 2014

kissing the the street- a must

Engagement Photo Ideas -

Meagan and Brodie Engagement Photo Ideas

...who wouldn't want a kiss like that.

engagement photo idea - in love!

cute engagement picture idea

Couples Photography Ideas

adorable engagement shot

couple photo idea

Engagement pic!