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  • Heath Jenkins

    `#better health naturally #healthy eating #health food #better health solutions|

  • Valerie Cox

    If only it were that easy, you skinny people would be out numbered.

  • TheDietSite

    Funny You Are What You Eat For more on Weight Loss -> #weightloss #diets

  • Leisa Turner

    Too funny! This is my new diet plan! You skinny people better watch out!

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I love Ellen and her show, and nearly every one of these tweets made me laugh.

This was totally me all through high school haha, I was way too lazy to actually do anything with the clothes ;)

Oh my god I don't know *WHY* this made me laugh so hard, but it did! @Emily Schoenfeld Schoenfeld Nasal

Emily Keahey ... we need to practice better posture lmao... this is us especially on Sunday!

Funny Family Ecard: Summer: the time of year when parents realize just how grossly underpaid teachers actually are.

I really hope wearing shoes 2 sizes too small does not become a fashion trend. How is she even smiling right now and not screaming her head off in pain?!?!

True learning...take the time to include the children in what matters most...serving others, investing in the eternal, making a difference...It's easy to just do it myself without remembering to be intentional about leading my children by including them.