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Makeup Perfumes

Perfumes Scents

Perfume Mom'S

Mom S Scent

Cologne Spray

Eau De Cologne

Shoulders Perfume

Fragrance White

Grandmother Wore

White Shoulders perfume

Perfumes Scents

Scent Perfume

Comfort 3

Scent Smelled

Yrs 70'S

Heaven Scent

Smelled Sooooo

Teen Yrs

Feeling Groovy

My mom wore this when I was a little girl and everytime I smell it I feel comfort <3 xo

Perfume White

Mom'S Perfume

White Shoulders Perfume

Shoulders Cologne

Everyday Perfume

Momma Wore

Century Perfume

Mom Decided

My Mom

White Shoulders

Perfumes Their Bottles

White Shoulders Perfume

1970S Bottle

Evyan White

Fashion Jewelry

Style Fashion

Perfume Smells

70S Stuff

Pleasures Xvi

1970s Bottle of Evyan White Shoulders Perfume

Etsyfrom Etsy

Vintage Box Powder Evyan White Shoulders Hard Plastic Art Nouveau Style Pink Box Raised Cameo Vainity 1960s



Shoulders Powder

Me My Style

Powder 3

Mom S Favorites

Powder Boxes

White Shoulders


white shoulders powder <3

Song Cologne

Cologne Spray

Women Perfume

Women Fragrances

Prince Matchabelli

Prince Song

Windsong Stays

Floral Womens

2 6 Oz

Wind song- my mom always wore this. She really liked White Shoulders but couldn't afford that with 5 kids and one income

Perfume White

Real Perfume

Perfume Fragrance

Fragrance Notes


Mothers Choice

School Perfume

White Shoulders

Childhood Called

White Shoulders by Evyan - a classic oldie...

Heavenly Scents

Lovely Scents

Smells Lovely

Shop S White

7 White

Fresh White

00 Thebodyshop

Musk Oriental

Oriental Jasmine

White Musk

Christmas 1955

Christmas Vintage

Merry Christmas

Vintage Holidays

Cookware Kitchenware Cookbooks

Kitchen Cookware

Disappointing Christmas

Funny Vintage

Vintage Stuff

December 1955.

Tangles Loved

Hair Combed

Totally Remember

Remember When


Hair Washed

Long Curly Hair

Long Hair Cuts

Naturally Curly Hair

No More Tangles

Shampoo Remember

Shampoo Loved

Shampoo Smelled

Prell Smelled

Hair Smelled

Remember Prell

Remember This

Remember Growing

Remember Cartoon

Prell Shampoo

Book Perfume

Perfume Bottles Parfum

Perfume Loved

Heaven Scent Perfume

First Perfume

Favorite Perfume

Childhood 60 S

Favorite Childhood

Perfumes Cologne

heaven sent perfume

Skating Parties

Rink Parties


Good Times

The Times

Happy Times

60 S


Memory Lane

the memories

Etsyfrom Etsy

Vintage wooden folding ruler

Ruler Vintage

Vintage Folding

Vintage Wooden

Remember Dad

Remember Playing

Vintage Remember

Loved Playing

Folding Yardstick

Wooden Folding


1970S Hot


Long Robes

Quilted Housecoats

Quilted Bathrobes

House Coats

Quilted Dressing

Brentford Nylons

Dressing Gowns

Quilted robes

Vintage Pink

Vintage Ads

Vintage Beauty

Vintage Doos

Adored Vintage

Poodle Vintage

Retro Beauty

Vintage Prints

Vintage Images

Hair Tape....i remember it well! Cheryl Tiegs

Chiclets Loved

Tiny Chiclets

Vintage Chiclets

Chiclets Fruit

Gum 1980 S

1970 S

1970S Gum


Chicklets Tiny

This was developed (in mini form) in the early 60's but we chewed tons of it in the 70's. I loved the feeling of putting the whole pack in my mouth at #prepare for picnic #picnic #summer picnic #company picnic|

Etsyfrom Etsy

Vintage 8 DAY - On / Off Switch- Cuckoo Clock -Carved- Black Forest GERMANY

Grandma S Clock

Clock Mine

Grandma Grandpa

Grandmother S

Sisterly Memories

Memories My Life

Special Memories

Childhood Memories

1970S Childhood

Both my grandparents and parents had one (gifts from my uncle when he was stationed in Germany in the early 60s).

Ge Lighted

Electric Lighted

1971 General

70S 80S Kid Teen

1971 Vintage

Vintage General

General Electric

Years Ago

40 Years

1971 Vintage General Electric Lighted Makeup Mirror. You could slide a button to change the lighting...

Etsyfrom Etsy

Colorful Vintage 1960 Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner Advertising Illustration Print

Cleaner Ad

Vacuum Cleaners

Canister Vacuum

Vacuum Ad

Electrolux Ad

House Cleaning

Cleaning Tips

1950S Cleaning

Glamorous Housewife

1960 Electrolux Vacuum

Etsyfrom Etsy

Vintage 1980s Goody Barrettes- set of SIX

Exact Barrettes

Goody Barrettes

Plastic Barrettes

Vintage Barrettes

Kiddie Barrettes

Tight Barrettes

School Barrettes

Hair Clippies

Bow Barrette

Vintage barrettes. Pretty sure I had this exact pack.