White Shoulders perfume

White Shoulders

My mom wore this when I was a little girl and everytime I smell it I feel comfort <3 xo

1970s Bottle of Evyan White Shoulders Perfume

white shoulders powder <3

Wind song- my mom always wore this. She really liked White Shoulders but couldn't afford that with 5 kids and one income

White Shoulders by Evyan - a classic oldie...

White Musk

December 1955.

Prell Shampoo

A very fresh, crisp easy to wear....great for daytime, summer or whenever you're feeling "light".....DKNY 'Be Delicious' Eau de Parfum available at #Nordstrom

the memories

No More Tangles

Quilted robes

Hair Tape....i remember it well! Cheryl Tiegs

heaven sent perfume

Bubble bath

Both my grandparents and parents had one (gifts from my uncle when he was stationed in Germany in the early 60s).

1960 Electrolux Vacuum

This was developed (in mini form) in the early 60's but we chewed tons of it in the 70's.

Shower to Shower - loved the smell of this stuff.