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Kindergarten Letter Roll Reading Game

Kindergarten Letter Roll Reading Game - great game to send home with kiddo over the summer. From, can sign in with your facebook account to access worksheets, fyi

A to Z Alphabet Clip It Games

Practice matching beginning letters for each letter in the alphabet to pictures with these fun clip it letter recognition activities and games TpT$

My Alphabet Poem Book

The children will have so much fun reading the funny poems for each letter of the alphabet and brainstorming other words that begin with each letter to illustrate their poetry book. This activity will teach students letter recognition, the sound each letter makes, and identifying rhyming words. When the book is completed, bind the pages together. Parents will treasure this keepsake!

Alphabet Soup Graphs Upper and Lowercase letters

Students will have fun looking for letters in alphabet soup. Ten graphs are included representing upper and lowercase letters. Letters are introduced just like in the Scott Foresman Reading Series.

-Spelling Roll-A-Word (same as my original) -Vocabulary Roll-A-Word -Dictionary Roll-A-Word -Thesaurus Roll-A-Word -Read Fiction and Roll -Rad Non-Fiction and Roll