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Hong Kong Egg Tarts

Who knew that Hong Kong Egg Tarts, or Dan Tarts, were such a popular treat? I discovered them over at Tasty Kitchen. The recipe was submitted by Tasty Kitchen member Kristy, who mentioned the tarts were listed on The World's 50 Most Delicious Foods as compiled by CNN Go. Of course I had to try them....
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haha... outrageous fusion food will be coming to stateside Pizza Huts on June 18...

Mmm, doughnuts. Who doesn’t love ‘em? From the high-enders like Doughnut Dolly to the amazing ones you get at the 24-hour doughnut joint, these balls of fried dough aren’t an everyday food, but mmm, mmm, they are delicious.

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RIP #Nutella dude (#MicheleFerrero)

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haha... Stephanie Anne @ghanagetu want to try one of these?

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beer benefits, yes...

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Hong Kong Lounge, Geary Street, San Francisco has the best Dim Sum ever... Cha siu bau (pork buns, pictured here) bun dough was unique & the filling delicious...

Maria Elisa Stephanie Anne @ghanagetu should try this: easiest way to peel a Head of Garlic

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