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The best thing in life is having someone thats true to your heart & that you share all your secrets with. <3 II MEW * ANA II


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Beach Time

never grow up

best friend cuddles ∆∆∆ pinterest @mhkrull

Noeline doesn't understand the point of soda if it's not being consumed from a glass bottle. Plastic is so '00 #MIMHC

Best friends

Big glasses

sassy pants.

Lollipops... I instantly thought of my childhood friend, Laurel... nickname: Lollipop...Lolly...Lol. Reminds me of us. She was blonde "Barbie" in my eyes and I was brunette "Midge". :)



At the beach... And the bandaid knees :-)

best friends

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Me and my bestfriends will take road trips to the beach after senior year. Can't wait!

little girl on beach...