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  • jessica starnes

    Springtime / Bubbles Photo Idea (Inexpensive props for photos of children) | Photography by Resa Design

  • Princella Talley

    Child photography - Kid photography - Little girl with bubbles.

  • lewis koh

    A lovely photography showing the little girl being eager to catch the bubble in the air. What do you see from this picture? and it's the depth of field technique to focus the object.

  • Adolf Mitchell

    #Inspiration #color #baby #Cute Baby #lovely kid #baby boy #cute kid #baby girl|

  • Anna Sansixto

    Bubbles - #Photography #kids #Inspiration #bubbles #funny #cute

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It's great to give a little person something to do while you are photographing them, plus you're more likely to capture their personality.

To catch them "breaking the rules" and let them get away with it. Childhood is too short.

Such an awesome photo. Can't beat the power of friendship or laughter.

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