• Ronnie Paskin

    disassembly' by canadian photographer todd mclellan is a series of images capturing old relics of our past in its dismantled form. including items such as a typewriter, push lawn mower and a rotary phone, the collection delineates the astounding intricacies and craft of these mechanical objects. every piece and component are positioned in an almost obsessive-compulsive arrangement - by type, size, function - resulting in a clear portrait of an era that we have seemingly left behind.

  • Anne Rasset

    From "F*** Yeah, Book Arts!": "Todd Mclellan meticulously disassembles everyday objects for his photography, such as this deconstructed typewriter." It would be fun taking it apart, but I wouldn't want to try and put it back together.

  • Toks Visoks

    Canadian photographer Todd McLellan has inspired me to look around and take things apart for their components (DIY supplies?). Todd disassembles and meticulously rearranges the inner working parts of everyday items such as a camera, a flip clock and a typewriter. The result is a series of incredibly interesting photographs!

  • ariel


  • Stacy Lines

    old typewriter taken completely apart, by Todd Mclellan

  • Aslee Liv

    Todd McLellan: disassembled typewriter

  • Jenifer Alvarez

    Todd McLellan • photographe canadien: dismantles clocks, typewriters, cameras --anything goes-- then, carefully places each dismantled part to form a very graphic composition.

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