my kind of wine glass


What Your #Wine Choice Says About You #chart

How cute are these stemless wine glasses? These His and Hers glasses are perfect for wine, juice, tea or a cocktail.

I just died.


Mermaid wine mug

For when I am feeling a little classy and a little trashy at the same damn time.

My favorite wine glass


Wine wine wine

Wine-glass holder for in the tub. $7 - cool! (If I ever have time to actually soak in the tub!)

This looks like the perfect "purse" for the movies. Or a number of other locations for that matter.

Yeah I need this glass!


I should probably own this!!!

Red Solo Cup Shot Glass. Might have to get this as a gift!

I want one! Glass Microwave Corn Popper. You can add butter to the lid so it melts over the popcorn. No oil, no salt.


Wine <3