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    1955 Lincoln Cent Double Die Obverse

    3y Saved to Mint Errors


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    Reverse of 1959-D One Cent - Wheat Ears on Reverse

    Most Valuable Lucky Penny. This coin sold in 2010 for a cool 1.7 million dollars, it is the only known example of a 1943-dated Lincoln cent incorrectly struck in a copper alloy at the Denver Mint.

    rare coins to look for not super rare but the still rare the double ear 1984 Lincoln cent

    1955 Lincoln Cent MS65 PCGS RB Doubled Die Obverse

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    The wheat penny. I always have to check my coins for a wheat penny. If I have one I put it in my coin tube. :-)

    Know your pennies! Might be worth more than just your two cents ;) #money

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    Lot of 15 1909 P 1c Lincoln Wheat Cent Pennies VF/VF+ w/Minor Problems #53215 … …

    The world's most expensive penny - This Lincoln cent was struck in the wrong metal at the Denver Mint in 1943. Just 40 of the coins are known to exist. In 2010, a dealer in New Jersey sold his 1943 penny for a staggering $1,700,000.00 (Most 1943 pennies are steel-gray)

    1943 Copper Penny! Only 40 in existence! Only 12 found! Have fun looking in your pockets!$10,000-100,000.00!

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    On August 2, 1909, the Lincoln Penny was the first American coin to bear the likeness of a president on its face.

    1909-S VDB - The initials VDB were those of Victor David Brenner, who designed the coin at the request of none other than President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt. Collectors have consistently paid more for the 1909 S VDB than for any other Lincoln penny, except for the 1943 copper cent, because of the low numbers of them that were made.

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    A Viking penny with an image of Thor’s hammer with a “Hand of God” resting on top on the reverse, and a drawn bow and arrow (possibly a misrepresentation of a ship) on the front. Cast out of silver. Made in 920 at the mint of Regnald, the Viking king at York. Currently held at the British Museum

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    A rare 1943 Lincoln penny: The coin was mistakenly struck in bronze rather than zinc-coated steel, one has just sold for $1 million