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Adam's Halloween Costume... this makes me so happy

Alan and Nathan

Boba Fett KitchenAid mixer, for a bounty of baked goods | Way cooler than any decals I could make to spruce up my mixer.


Hello Kaylee...mashup...You either get it or you don't. If not, you're missing out.

I love this man. This show was so important to him. He is the biggest firefly fan. I'm sad it ended, but I'm more sad for him.

Interesting Facts about Disney's Pixar

There were a good deal of Totoros: | 25 Snow Sculptures From Tokyo's Biggest Blizzard In Decades

The Winter Soldier/Captain America

Keep Flying by eiilart #Serenity #Firefly

Benedict Cumberbatch with a hedgehog licking his nose. Carry on

I love all the horses! Especially Molly's. :)

But you all come to the same place.

Star Wars-glyphics

Look at this man. This man was just paid enormous sums of money to pretend to be a dragon. I can never ever unsee this...

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Princess Leia & R2-D2

The Good, The Bad and The Shiny (Firefly / Serenity mashup) by rydrew

Star Wars The Force Awakens' Characters Revealed | Vanity Fair