"If you lose faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon." Katherine Switzer

Losing -- SO much harder than training.

The love of Marathons

I run marathons Yes for fun. Eco Tank by RunningPoetry on Etsy, $27.00 #running #runchat #runspiration



Ready... or not-- a trained vs. untrained body during a marathon


run that marathon

Featherweight half marathon running shirts for by RunningPoetry

Great way to display all the marathons I plan on running one day

for running

5x7" Quote Printable - "Finishing a Marathon". $2.75, via Etsy.

They Will Run and Not Grow Weary Burnout by FiredaughterClothing, $30.00


One of my favorite 2014 Boston Marathon signs - "Hurry Up - The Kenyans Are Drinking Your Beer!" The 42 Best Signs From The Boston Marathon

Importance of hiit training.

Boston Marathon Poster!

Half Marathon Playlist

Best Marathons To Qualify For The Boston Marathon...planning on running the Marine Corps Marathon in 2014!!

Stop and Give Us 20! A Strength-Training Workout For Your Next Run