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Calm you shall keep.

Wise, these words are.


Guess Which One Is Real?

Chewie dog!


So you ordered a package…

Every time.


Chewie and Han

Chewbacca & Han Solo. In the bottom pic, Peter Mayhew's walking cane is a lightsaber! Win. I want a lightsaber cane!!!

Etsyfrom Etsy

Wookiee Christmas stocking

Chewie stalking


My favorite commercial…

This commercial cracks me up every time.

I LOVE that Ted Mosby is such a Star Wars nerd. And I LOVE that Marshall finds Stella's lack of knowledge about it a problem. #starwars #movie #episodes #yoda #darthvader #jedi #princessleia


Listen carefully kids…

Listen carefully, kids…


Chewbacca vs. Harrison Ford…

Too funny not to pin. Harrison Ford's reunion with Chewbacca during an interview. I can't....oh the giggles this gave me!


Sad George Lucas…

My feelings exactly. :: Lc- "Purchased your very soul, they have!" ;-) I'd feel sorrier for him if it weren't for JarJar Binx. (No, I don't care if I spelled it wrong! Haha)