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    6 Menstrual Myths Revealed

    by Stacey Colino, Sasha Henriques, Woman's Day Staff, Leslie Goldman
    Find out if girlfriends' cycles really align, cramps are genetic and more
    • Laura Marquez

      Menstrual Cycle Myths

    • Stacy Williams

      Did you know that women who live together often get their periods at the same time? Read these other interesting facts about your menstrual cycle! #health #women, I know this is 100% true- I work with other women for 12 hrs. a day & I know all our cycles come together

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    Menstrual cycle. For myself, Sophie and Christina.

    About Menstrual Cycle

    Okay this is a very med student inspired print but I love the design and simplicity of this poster. Plus, I Heart Guts makes adorable products.

    8 Menstrual Cycle Facts and Myths In American Culture, many myths exist regarding a woman’s menstrual cycle. Often men are curious about a woman’s cycle, which is often referred to as a period, but wouldn’t dare bringing up this topic. Woman won’t inquire about myths either since they don’t want other women to think they are not “in the know.” #menstrualcycles

    boys should read this.....they might stand a chance then lol. Yay Science.

    Understanding Your Menstrual Cycle Find out why you get cramps, when you’re most fertile and more

    Women have approximately 450 menstrual cycles in their lifetime. Unfortunately, women often view their cycles as a burden, and sometimes, they're even perceived culturally to be some kind of a curse.

    What does your breast health say about your fertility? More than you might think. They are highly sensitive to the hormones. In fact, they go through cyclic changes in sync with the menstrual cycle.

    Detoxing your vagina may sound odd but Asian women have been doing it for centuries to regulate their menstrual cycles, reduce stress, fight infection, clear hemorrhoids and aid fertility.

    How to Balance the 4 Phases of Your Cycle Phase 1-Menstruation - Move Blood Phase 2-Follicular Phase - Build Yin and Blood Phase 3-Ovulation - Promote Yang (Warmth and Movement) Phase 4-Implantation or Pre-Menstrual Phase - Regulate the Flow of Qi (Pre-Menstrual Phase) or Promote Yang (Implantation)

    There's more to your menstrual cycle than just your period. It's actually a month-long roller-coaster ride with lots of ups and downs. But as the lovely Dr. Melissa Lem explains, there is a science to this seeming madness. Herein, she breaks down the good, the bad and the ugly of that time of the month.