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  • IT Mob Limited

    The History of Job Applications: From Faxing to Social Media #infographic #jobsearch

  • Celina Amaro

    We sure have come along way since looking for jobs in the paper! Lol! #RECRUITING #SOURCING #SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING #JOBS

  • Adcorp Australia

    Just as it’s revolutionized everything from grocery shopping to travel, #social and #digital #media have had an enormous effect on the #job hunt. The evolution of applying for a job, chronicling innovations as seemingly mundane as the invention of the post office (remember snail mail?) to the development of a little thing called the Internet. With technology moving forward every day, the job discovery and application process is constantly evolving and in flux. #HR #employment

  • ECU Career Services

    Evolution of the job interview

  • Gold Star Media

    Evolution of Applying for a Job [Infographic]

  • Newsmaker Group

    The Evolution of the #Job Application #socialmedia

  • UNL Career Services

    The Evolution of the Job Search #infographic

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Modern Ways to Job Search. "Traditional" ways to job search are still valid and should be used in combination with these strategies. Be proactive, target companies that you want to work for & approach them even if they're not advertising. Not all jobs are posted online!

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Their history goes as far back as 1987, when Apple introduced the Macintosh which featured HyperCard, widely considered the first multimedia tool. Over time, digital ads have evolved from static images to interactive designs with the help of universally used tools as Quicktime, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and Flash.

Terry Gross, one of the best interviewers out there with some of the best guests as well. She covers Arts Issues Ive heard some amazing things on Fresh Air sending me off on all sorts of investigative tangents.

The evolution of #communication: drums and pigeons through Twitter and smartphones. #infographic