bottle cap backsplash- cool bar idea/make a tray!

Everyone need such a clever idea in kithcen

Wine Bottle To Candy Jars

A mosaic bathroom floor made with metal bottle tops ♥

beer bottle cap ornaments

Awesome for bottles into cups or could use the same principle for taking off the bottom of wine bottles! I want to do this with everything!

Make your own "Bar." gotta keep options open for whatever kind of bar works best for the space, right?

Bottle Cap Necklace - and the caps are interchangeable

beach glass backsplash

So perfectly sparkly!!

Lego kitchen island

Great idea for the bar....

For pop cans. Brilliance if we ever have a basement :) maybe hide inder the kitchen sink or in a cabnet?

BOOK FLOOR: How to cover your floor with book pages in paper diy with Paper & Books home decor flooring floor DIY Book - as much as I hate the idea of tearing up books this a very cool idea, they could be copies of your favorite page from your favorite books. The ones that made you cry and lifted you up.

Recycled old broken piano- bookshelf

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