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  The book truly out done the movie with Mike Myers.  Nonetheless...this is a great quote from a man who wrote about half the books I read as a young child.  If only more books could be written with such great morals. Never stop reading the PRINTED word.

I've been told many lies before in my life, but when you told me that you loved me my heart knew that it was true beyond anything else in the world. Even though I had done you many a wrong, I still believe in my heart that you do love me as I love you. ;)

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Love you Brenna! I am so very proud of the strong, bright, beautiful young woman you have become. I am confident that you will achieve everything you set your mind too! Stay true to your values and inner voice - there is no limit to what you can achieve!

I love my husband.. miss him already. I know I'm lame. But I'm one of the few that likes her husband. <----- it is NOT lame it is love, people need to stop mistaking loyalty and commitment for much cheeper things like needy and desperate.