Use a rubber band to remove a stripped screw.

10 Genius Cleaning Tips You Probably Didn't Know About #tidyhouse #cleaningtips

Totally tried this, works like a CHAMP. Use a wooden tee to fill in a stripped screw hole. Amazing.

Tip of the day: How to fold a fitted sheet - video

When you are sick - rubber band an empty tissue box to a full one - use empty box for used tissues! This site has all sort of easy household tips!!

the only stain remover you'll ever need

How to paint letters perfectly...duh! Why didn't I think of that??

44 Household Items You're Using Wrong

best spray gun for painting's cheap, uses mason jars, and it's an easy clean up! Compressor needed.

Must remember

Transferring pictures to tiles by using Nail Polish Remover.

things to remember

Use a piece of rubber band to remove a stripped screw. | 13 Life Hacks That Will Make Your Father Proud

Ideas to Make Life Easier - Alderberry Hill

sweater shaving - removes pills

Dryer sheet to help keep your baseboards dust free.

Store hair ties on a carabiner ... GENIUS!!!

"Home" State Sign

Remove Rust from Cookware with a Potato...I haven't tried this but will soon.