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Sight words on bubble wrap! Cool idea!

From Teacher Tipster. found a use for bubblewrap! write sight words on the flat part of the bubblewrap and when student reads the word correctly, they get to pop the bubble! You could do letter recognition, number recognition, math facts, etc.

{Tons} of kids activities to help them learn sight words #literacy #education

beginning words for kids

We use a mix of phonics and sight words with our homeschooling kids. I have found that helping kids learn how to read with phonics gives them a foundatio Elementary Activities, Learning Together, Reading/Phonics


I really like 2 of these.the paint writing one and the colored sand in a pencil box! By Live, Love, Laugh and Teach!: Spelling/Sight Word Practice Part 3 (sensory ideas to learn spelling).


Kindergarten and First Grade sight word assessment with goal setting graph

Take a photo of each child holding a sight word.  Create a power point with the pictures and use it to drill students.

How I Got 18 out of 23 Kids to Master 100% of Their Sight Words

Take a picture of each child holding a sight word. Then make a power point presentation with those pictures of each child holding the words, and use to practice sight words. Email the powerpoint to the parents so they can use it to practice at home

Free printables to make your own sight word flashcards

Get Ready for School with Freebielicious and Educents

Kinder-Craze: Easily create your own flashcards and word wall labels with this set of Dolch Sight Word Flashcards. This set of Second Grade Sight Words has been .

Here’s what you’ll need:  a piece of styrofoam, golf tees, a permanent marker, and a toy hammer (we used our mallets from this and this).  Begin writing letters or sight words

Sight Word and Letter Pounding

Sight Word Pounding: a toy hammer, golf tees, a permanent marker and sheets of styrofoam. Write letters, numbers or sight words on the styrofoam and have them hammer the golf tee into the correct answer. Great for active boys.

Multi-Sensory Ideas for Teaching Sight Words

9 Multi-sensory ideas for teaching sight words. Free multi-sensory templates for the first 25 Dolch sight words

Practicing sight words- hang by door and give the hands a high five/say the words every time kids go out/come in the room

Hang the sight word of the week on the door and students "high five" the word and say it as they leave the room. I've also seen teachers put a vocabulary word of the week on the door! Kids see it coming and going!

Classroom Freebies: Fishing For Sight Words Game

Fishing For Sight Words Game

Make practicing sight words fun with the Make, Take & Teach activity "Fishing For Sight Words". This activity is perfect for small group instruction or for use in your literacy centers. 75 fish contain sight words from Lists of the 220 Dolch Sight Words.

paint stirrer and clothespin alphabetical order

LOVE this idea for an alphabetical order center! Just takes a paint stick and clothespins! Each week can be a new set of words. Could be used for numerical order too using number and word on one side, dots on back to represent.

Could spell Sight Words during flex centers! Playdough and Alphabet Stamps 408x1000 Playdough & Alphabet Stamps

Playdough & Alphabet Stamps

Then you don't have to have the mess of the ink pad. Playdough is much easier to keep cleaned. Playdough and Alphabet Stamps.

Sight Word Game Cup Crash!  Get kids moving and learning!

Gross Motor Sight Word Game: Cup Crash!

Sight Word Cup Crash - Write sight words on Solo cups. Have the student read each word and stack it on the counter. After reading all of the words and making a tower, the student can knock it over with a ball.