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Jinora Cosplay from The Legend of Korra by Teenari Teenielle / Totally Toasty Photography on Flickr, photo by OkiChiton, editing by Teeny | TLOK

The Legend of Korra: Tenzin's eldest daughter who makes no promises, lol

The Legend of Korra: jinora and Korra on a spiritual journey

and season one was only for the cabbage merchant, sokka, and foamy mouth guy... but mostly the cabbage merchant...

Korra, The Legend of Korra cosplay. Ha, it looks like her hand is coming out of her head.

Legend of Korra - Little Fan :Bolin Comic: by ~lledra on deviantART// this gave me lots of feels.

The legend of Korra: jinora has no idea what her grandfather was really like lol

Legend of Korra! BOOK 2! Cant wait! Embedded image permalink

Jinora is one of my favorites from The Legend of Korra.

Art of Children room, Fan Art, Watercolor painting, Avatar, Legend of Korra Fan…

eagerly awaiting season 2 And Pabu what are you doing