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My first tattoo

So beautiful.... Great first tattoo story :) I got my first tattoo just months before my 30 th birthday too hahaha.. There's just something about girls and their 30s :P

The detail on this black ink elephant is amazing. Would love a tat with this element of design!

40 Maori Tattoo Vorlagen und Designs

Some sort of tribal pattern like this, but wrapping from my left hip, across my lower back, then splitting off so one part wraps around my left hip and the other goes up my back

"Blackout Tattoo" Trend Cloaks the Body in Black Ink to Make a Bold Visual Statement

As tattoos continue to grow in popularity, artists push the envelope with the color, complexity, and scope of their designs. The classic Sailor Jerry style of tattooing—which champions dark outlines and a limited color palette—is joined by other styles such as dotwork, watercolor, and cross stitch. Another popular and striking approach that has been gaining recent attention online is called blackout, which covers the skin with solid fields of black ink. Like any technique, how a blackout…