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i may have cried at this... (*WHAT?!?!?! I'm not sure I can re-watch this episode to see for myself!)

Whenever I get my mansion, I'm putting a giant one of these in it.

I found out what my Batman name is! oh but the sad part is that I actually did it & THEN figured out the joke ..

Brent, visit Mikey T Lots of great eye candy Brent Lowrie I see this and the caption is "Hell, I didn't know you wanted it!"

I'll come in to work (makeup special fx artist) like Batman someday. They actually probably would expect that kinda stuff from me already...

"And you know the thing abut chaos? It's fair."

“Grief is the enemy. There’s no time for grief. There’s no room for grief. Grief turns into acceptance. Forgiveness. Grief forgives what can never be forgiven. Never.” - Imgur

Batman party picture idea: Have kids pose in front of a light to cast a shadow into the "night sky" background.

Batman Yoga Pants.heck yes this will go with my weird thing of always singing the batman theme song when im bored

Why I like Batman - playing off the Avengers line. I think he may have topped Tony Stark.