win my heart #7 - Wrestle with me

Win My Heart

it's adorable

Tell Me You Miss Me | #WinMyHeart #Win #Heart #Relationship #Love

Respect Me | #WinMyHeart #Win #Heart #Relationship #Love


I love to laugh<3

Win My Heart


Stand by me <3 check !

#52 Play with my hair


Boys who are playful

please please pretty please.

Yes, guys like it when the girl texts first some of the time. Believe it or not.

Play In The Snow With Me <3

Ever girl loves when a guy does this, and we have actually both kept the ones from each other over the years :)

hug me from behind

These mean so much too me when I'm sad or something bad is happening in my life it makes me feel a little bit better and happier knowing he is there and understands I'm hurting.

I love when he does this <3