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Bill Clinton and John Kennedy

John F Kennedy Jr. ... bye daddy

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A horse-drawn caisson bears the body of President John F Kennedy into Arlington Cemetery, Nov 25 1963.

John F.Kennedy Jr. And Caroline

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Kennedy wedding

President John F. Kennedy and little John.

John F. Kennedy - Limited Edition, Archival Print.john f. kennedy - 1960 presidential campaignJohn F. Kennedy swept the entire Northeastern United States, with the exception of the 3 Upper New England states, although he was much stronger in New Hampshire and the result was much closer than in neighboring Vermont and Maine. Kennedy's most substantial victory was in heavily populated Hillsborough County, home to Manchester and Nashua, which he won by a decisive 58-42 margin.

November 22, 1963 in Dallas

Pres. John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy #1960s

Clark Gable, Major US Army Air Corps 1942-44 WW II. Although beyond draft age, he enlisted as a private. Assigned to OCS he excelled and received a commission. He flew five combat mission as an observer/gunner in a B-17 earning a Distinguished Flying Cross and an Air Medal. On his 4th mission, a 20mm shell cut the heel from his boot. His discharge was signed by Captain Ronald Reagan.

Martin Luther King, Jr removing a burned cross from his yard, 1960.

The History Place - John F. Kennedy Funeral - stunning days, no traffic, everyone home watching unbelievable events

Jackie screams for help as her husband, the President, falls wounded to the seat. I have never before seen this shot. I wonder why it has taken so long to get in to the public domaine? No words can describe this moment.

John F Kennedy Autopsy Photos

John Kennedy Family

John F. Kennedy - 1960 Campaign Photograph - House of Roulx

Kennedy and King