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Literally just finished this episode and this meme pops up on Pinterest... What are the odds? LOVE Friends. Funny Pictures Of The Day – 81 Pics

Oh look, a penny! This made me laugh a lot harder than I should have!

why I am like a #cat // I want to go #out // now that I'm out I want to go back in // #letsgetwordy

Dinosaurs Do Not Have the Moves [Comic] -- How I picture Wash must have started out with Zoe pre-Firefly ♥

I have no idea who the bottom chicks are but this is funny as hell XD THEY EXIST

HAHAHAHAHA omg I need to do this. He does really need a nose, sooooo

Reminds me of the stupid bunny outfit/leotard I had to wear for a tap dance recital as a kid. Had to dance to "How You Gonna Keep Em Down on the Farm After They See Paris" to top off the humiliation!

Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?

This makes me ill thinking about being in this situation

Stages of procrastination-My life in college!

funny pictures and videos of the day