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If It's Hip, It's Here: Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman Remembered Through His Films, Quotes and Photos.

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Christopher Walken wearing a pink bunny rabbit costume art

We should remember to do a better job with the time we have and recall how fragile this all is.    Dead at 46, Philip Seymour Hoffman

Philip Seymour Hoffman "I had insecurities and fears like everybody does, and I got over it. But I was interested in the parts of me that struggled with those things." Philip Seymour Hoffman R. you will be greatly missed

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy  Great)

Laurel and Hardy - Funny old school comedy - standup stand up comics jay Leno Comedy Central

Jude Law & Ewan Mcgregor

Jude Law & Ewan Mcgregor this just makes the man board because it's funny. i love them as actors too.

Alan Rickman

Harry Potter Fans: let's join and raise our wands for the amazing Alan Rickman, who has just recently passed due to cancer. May he rest in peace. Thank you, Alan Rickman, for making the Harry Potter World magical and bringing your character to life.

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Actors Jean Reno: French-speaking, Morrocan-born French citizen and iconic actor born to Spanish parents photography