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Increase your baking capacity by using an upside-down pan as an extra cooling rack. The space between the molds lets the cool air flow freely.

Glitter ice cubes for Christmas, New Year and my birthday. You don't have to celebrate my birthday but you should try out these glitter ice cubes from A Subtle Revelry.

Just thought about how pretty these would look during cocktail hour. Signature drink? Flowers, flowers, everywhere.

Loving Real Simple's article on New Uses for Things in the Kitchen! This cereal box carrier is genius!

Citrus Peel as Brown Sugar Softener — Avoid rock-hard brown sugar and preserve the moisture by dropping a three inch-long orange peel into the bag.

Cork as Heat Protector For a heat protector, slip a cork or two under a lid's handle and you'll always have something safe to grab.

No funnel at hand? No problem. You can easily (and quickly) make one from aluminum foil.

You freeze the mixers as layered ice cubes! Piña colada was pineapple juice and coconut. I bet Lime juice and low grade triple sec would work well for a pitcher of margaritas.....

Flat Iron as Ribbon Smoother - Get the kinks out of wrinkled wrapping ribbons that were tied around your birthday presents for recycled bows without the telltale creases from the previous gift box.

Use a clean contact lens case to bring salt & pepper in your brown bag lunch or picnic