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    • Stephanie Warner

      52 week save money challenge. Might be a good thing to try for this new year

    • Diana Starbuck

      Great Idea! 52 Week Save Money Challenge

    • Being A Wordsmith

      The Wondering Brain : Save #Money Now with 52 Week Challenge

    • Rose Mis

      2014 SAVINGS CHALLENGE There's a 52 Week Savings Plan Challenge going around again on the web with this chart. How it works: Each week, you set aside the amount equal to the week. EX: Week 1, you set aside a ($1), Week 2, ($2), Week 3, ($3) and so on. By the end of the year if you follow the chart above you will have $1,378.00. Wow! What an easy and fun way to save money. Who's in? #money #wealth #rich

    • Carly Roemer

      52 Week Money Challenge. Good idea as a supplement to my current savings plan...

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