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  • anna Rather

    Enigmas of the Ancient Megalithic Structures

  • M. Hearns Bishop

    dolmen - Google Search

  • Alder Grove

    (Black Sea) dolmens have a limited variety in their architecture. The floor plans are square, trapezoidal, rectangular and round. All of the dolmens are punctuated with a portal in the center of the facade. While round portholes are the most common, square ones are also found. In front of the facade is a court that usually splays out, creating an area where rituals possibly took place. The court is usually outlined by large stone walls, sometimes over a meter high, which enclose the court.

  • Kimberly Borchardt

    Dolmen Russia Kavkaz - The Adyghe people originate in the North Caucasus region, as early as the Stone Age period, with traces of them dating back as far as 8000 BC. In about 4000 BC the Maykop culture existed in the North Caucasus region, as well as other parts of the region which is now southern Russia. Archaeological findings, mainly of dolmens in North-West Caucasus region, indicate the existence of a megalithic culture in the region.[22] The Adyghe kingdom was established in about 400 BC.[

  • Love Life & Death

    DOLMENS - 25,000 Year Old Buildings Found In Russia

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