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Guys, you can "play" this guitar urinal while you're relieving yourself

This is the Guitar Pee, a custom urinal commissioned by Billboard Music Brasil and installed in their office that allows a user to play a jam with their urine stream by hitting the different strings.


30 Most Interesting Ads Funny Ads - You Are Not Here. :) Mondo Pasta: Boat 30 Creative Ads Using Oversized Objects hahaaaa. so true.

no. 1....clark sorenson urinals

Showy and sassy, the hibiscus flowers are large, trumpet-shaped specimens typically with five undulating petals and centre style.


Want to make every shower a bit more fun and entertaining? The Fun Runny Nose Shower Gel Dispenser is a gross but funny accessory in your bathroom that makes bo

15 Unexpected Ways to Decorate with Collections: Give your bathroom an off-beat look by replacing the mirror with a hodge-podge of vintage hand mirrors.

15 Unexpected Ways to Decorate with Collections

Man Cave Home Office - eclectic - powder room - los angeles - by Joe Schmelzer, Inc. dba Treasurbite Studio, Inc. Love the urinal idea.

The Last Thing I Want To Do Is Hurt You. I want one of each if these shirts!!!

Funny pictures about The last thing I want to do. Oh, and cool pics about The last thing I want to do. Also, The last thing I want to do.

A bitch to get that fire going.

Vijay Sales is obviously an independent Barbecue selling company or even just one man trying to sell barbecues, making this ambient perfect to promote their services, as its cheap and effective.

world's largest restroom

These Are Brilliant Bathroom Designs: Pictures

World's Largest Restroom Location /// Chongqing, China Background: With 1000 toilets, square feet, and four stories, this bathroom is the largest in the world.