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Apocalypse Checklist

In a Zombie Apocalypse

The reality of the #zombie apocalypse... (not as glamorous as we'd hoped)

Funny! Hehehe :)

Lol or an hour without our phones! Lol


Zombie proof house... Because we are giving walking dead a 2nd chance and I'm not gonna lie, it gives me anxiety lol

Lol... Lololol


Resident evil, keep calm and Kill Zombies but you can't really kill something that is already dead! #residentevil


I can't stop laughing

Parks and Recreation

First World Problems.

The 25 Most Depressing Nail Polish Color Names Of All Time. AKA Color-coding the lesser of the human race.

a the awkward moment when

Parks and Recreation.

Guns In Movies Replaced With Thumbs-Ups. How liberal/commies deal with bad guys - lol.

dying i can't

If Bald Celebrities Had Hair -- Disregard all others, Patrick Stewart with hair looks like Ian McKellan.

Australia Feels Like Jurassic World<--- Dude next jurassic world is just the australia outback no dinosaurs