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Type 2 Diabetes (Non-insulin dependent) Signs & Symptoms DM2 is often first treated with lifestyle changes, such as nutrition and exercising. If not successful the pt may be prescribed and oral hypoglycemic such as, metformin (glucophage). Although, if you are treating a DM2 patient in the hospital they often receive supplemental insulin.

Diabetes Insipidus. Caused by a lack of ADH which stimulates the re-absorption of water and sodium. This diabetes has nothing to do with blood sugar.

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Nursing Health Assessment Mnemonics & Tips

Diabetic Keto-Acidosis key S/S: Very high bs (>240), breath is fruity smelling, and kussmaul respirations. Nursing Interventions: “Hi E”H-hydrateI-insulin (if the bs is high enough you will put the patient on IV insulin [per do], only regular insulin can be given IV)E-electrolyte replacement