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Don't you dare treat me like a yellow Starburst...

so. true.


This is great since Dave and I have been the first two!! I'm not sure we'll ever beat our Wayne's World costumes.

not to be a stay at home mom, but to buy a house. Saving is saving.

Guide on how much food and drinks to serve at a party.

The Complete Guide to Calories This is a basic infographic guide, so if a professional has or does tell you other facts, please follow their guidance

Doing Disney. These people live on a $30,000 a year salary and still have take their kids to Disney several times.

When to buy plane tickets. Travel tips.

Funny Pictures Of The Day – lol

Sad, but true.

Exercise makes you happier. It's been scientifically proven!

the longer you look the funnier it gets... I need help lol

Freeze jugs of water and use in coolers instead of ice. As it melts, you will have extra drinking water and won't have to worry about draining the cooler later!

diy home sweet home: Ultimate Life Planning System

FREE Printable Monthly Budget Chart!

I get really sick of seeing 99,973 Paleo or vegan recipes. If you choose a super restrictive lifestyle, you don't get ice cream! Stop trying to fake it!

52 Week Money Challenge - Are you Game???

Every parent needs to see this!

I've seen this 100 times and I still laugh every time!

This is really cool! The first time I did it he was right. The second time he was wrong, but asked a few more questions, and got it right. I think I threw it off because it asked if my person is involved in sports, and I said "yes" since dance is a sport. It was Nigel Lythgoe.

Fuck yeah!!