After the ceremony. For dancing! So cute! LOVE!

Bathroom Baskets for the Wedding Reception. Such a good idea!

Just Married Toms - perfect for the honeymoon!!

Cute idea

before the dress


ooo use initials for guestbook and hang in the house, I love sentimental things.

Usually not a fan of the massively couplely stuff but this is quite cute :)

The Things We Would Blog: Wedding Wednesday: Photos Before the Ceremony?

Kate Spade,"Mrs" necklace. Someone tell my future husband I want this for our wedding :)


How beautiful is this?! Great idea for gifts from the Bride and Groom for each other! I soooooo want to do this!!!! wedding vows

rehearsal and ceremony

Bachelorette Jeopardy. Maybe afterward with the boys? Or at the reception as an interactive component? Questions about Bill and Katie? Maybe just jello shots or mini favors? And A LOT shorter?

Wear your new initials around your neck at the reception. LOVE THIS!

Glow sticks for the dance floor; love the saying :)

Cute bathingsuit!! Cute for the honeymoon


Prayer picture during the ceremony Precious.

Mrs. Necklace... might be a little wedding gift to myself!