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The Pride House of Jefferson, Texas a haunted bed & breakfast.

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Haunted house in Jefferson, Texas

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Epperson House, Kansas City, Missouri Said to be one of the most haunted houses in the country, the building is now part of the University of Missouri – Kansas City. Figures of former owners have been seen and strange music heard, plus lights are seen to be turned off by the apparition of a hand. 45 Spine Tingling Haunted Places in the USA

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the haunted house behind the Dairy Queen in Fairfield, Texas? The Dairy Queen's address is 683 W US HWY 84, Fairfield, TX. WOW! This place needs restoration!!! There is only so many historic homes in Texas they shouldnt let this awesome place rot away!! Read more:

The Grove, Jefferson, Texas - Called "The most haunted home in the most haunted city in Texas." There are footsteps heard in the house, but no one can be found to account for the phantom steps and apparitions ranging from a lady in a white dress to a man in the garden have become commonplace on the property.