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Double-shelled oval brooch of gilt bronze, ornamented with zoomorphic designs, and blue glass bead with two segments from a Viking grave group from Kneep Head, Valtos, Uig, Isle of Lewis, 900 - 1000

Viking Box brooch made of partially gilt bronze, covered with silver and gold decorated with niello, filigree, and granulation. Martens Grotlingbo, Gotland, Sweden, eleventh century. Statens Historiska Museum, Stockholm. #VikingBrooch #VonGiesbrechtJewels

Bed found in a Viking grave

Birka grave 515.

Mass Grave of the Headless Vikings: Archaeologists were digging up side of a roadway in Dorset when they unearthed a mass grave containing headless remains of 54 Viking mercenaries. Read more: http://www.cracked.com/article_19837_the-7-most-terrifying-archaeological-discoveries.html#ixzz2bPwwhZr9

Viking Omega Brooch A very nice Viking penannular brooch (900-1000 AD), in silver or a tin alloy, with much granular decoration, and four ancient bronze coins with German legends on them used as decorative pendants. Size: 58 mm wide x approximately 83 mm in length.

Brooches of the Viking era Urnes Style

Viking inlaid Axe Head- British Museum, 1000-1050 AD

Birka grave 526, skeleton grave.

Birka grave 515, a skeleton grave.

Viking Necklace from the Isle of Man A replica of a Viking necklace found in a female pagan Viking grave on the Isle of Man. Each bead is a copy of the original Viking glass bead, entirely handmade in England. £114

Vеrby Viking hoard, Sweden 10th century

Bronze Viking brooch, 700-900 AD -- I really, really need this.

Great design. Ancient Viking bronze spiral ring.

Ancient Viking bronze brooches.

Hatteberg Brooch Sterling Silver Viking Penannular Brooch with Cast and punched decoration, six Animal Masks embellish the edging border. Rich domed Golden Bronze panels are inlaid on the front. The reverse has finely detailed zoomorphic designs in Jelling style. The Hatteberg Brooch is an excellent example of Norse Craftsmanship working in Insular tradition 9th cent,Replica Museum

Viking gold brooch from Hedeby, Germany

Three red glass beads hanging on a ring of twisted silver wire - Birka Grave 523

Oval brooch

Glass Beads, Viking Age, Hiberno-Norse, 900-1100 A.D., Dublin, Ireland

The Viking dress was held up by two short front straps and two longer back straps, which were fastened at the front with two large shell-shaped brooches. Between the brooches women might wear attractive strings of beads of amber, silver, bone or glass in different colours. Photo by National Museum of Denmark