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    • Michelle Munger

      segmented beads

    • Anita Challis

      Double-shelled oval brooch of gilt bronze, ornamented with zoomorphic designs, and blue glass bead with two segments from a Viking grave group from Kneep Head, Valtos, Uig, Isle of Lewis, 900 - 1000

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    A Viking penny with an image of Thor’s hammer with a “Hand of God” resting on top on the reverse, and a drawn bow and arrow (possibly a misrepresentation of a ship) on the front. Cast out of silver. Made in 920 at the mint of Regnald, the Viking king at York. Currently held at the British Museum

    1150 year-old Viking treasure found in Sweden a few years ago consisted of mostly Middle-Eastern coins minted in Baghdad, Damascus and Persia.

    Celtic, Anglo Saxon and Viking hair combs

    Carved horse heads supply handles for a medieval wooden bowl for two-fisted drinkers. The Hardanger Folk Museum. Utne, Norway.

    Viking Carvings by Birgit44, via Flickr

    Barrel used aboard ships. The Vikings of Bjornstad - Viking Museum Haithabu. The Viking Museum Haithabu is near the site of Hedeby/Haithabu, a major Viking era village and trading center on the Jutland peninsula close to the border between Germany and Denmark. The museum includes a substantial collection of original artifacts and reconstructed buildings representing a small fraction of the town the Vikings would have known. These photos are courtesy of Bryan and Helma Betts.

    Ulvik, Norway

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    Viking age / Hoard

    Telemark, Norway

    Ancient...12th century??? Russian finds, Viking settlement along Black Sea.

    Viking ‘Saltire’ Rectangular Belt Mount 015037

    Viking round shield: The sagas specifically mention linden wood for shield construction, although finds from graves shows mostly other timbers, such as fir, alder and poplar. These timbers are not very dense and are light in the hand. The size was usually 75 – 90 cm in diameter. (9th-century wooden shield)

    Vikings: #Viking drinking horn.

    Spranget strømpelgg eller erme med brikkevevde kanter. Teglefunnet fra eldre jernalder. Time, Jæren, Rogaland. Sprang stocking or sleeve with tablet-woven edge, early Iron Age, found at Tegle. Norsk Folkemuseum NF.08455-029

    Bergen, Norway, 2010

    Wisdom should always be Welcome

    “Women in the Viking Age” by Judith Jesch

    Norse and Viking Leather Art Bone Jewelry and Drinking Horns by Wodenswolf: Recent Works: Solar Kult Drinking Horn

    Summer in Norway

    Mjöllnir. Hammer of Thor. #vikings #norse #fantasy #history #medieval

    Oslo, VIking ship museum carving. #vikings #norse #fantasy #history #medieval

    In Norse mythology, Mjölnir is the hammer of Thor, the god of thunder. #vikings #norse #fantasy #history #medieval

    Carving from the portsl of Urnes stave church. #vikings #norse #fantasy #history #medieval