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I have tears in my eyes. Some people are so dumb.

Gandalf You Shall not Pass rubber stamp for teachers. Must acquire one.

Preposterous Erections: A Book of English Towers, HAHA!

I love Top Gear! When he hits bumps in the road, almost peed myself laughing!

Creed is so unpredictable yet very predictable simultaneously.

The only love affair that's guaranteed to last.

New cereal found by 3Vil_Admin

winter! (or in minnesota!) i was shopping yesterday and everyone was walking around with NO COATS in 37 degree weather/sunny/blue skies/early March!

I would use PVC the same size, and light them with the individual night light type bulbs! OR A strand of LED lights

From inside the house to out, here's an easy but slightly more time consuming project to make an awesome and unique ghostly figure for your outdoor Halloween decorations. Materials: 3 rolls of clea...