Dye a shirt with blue glue where you don't want the dye to go

Update your shoes

OMG!!! I have to do this!!!! UPDATE: I just did this today and it turned out awesome, you could get away with 1 yard of fabric if you want a smaller vest, before I rounded the edges it came down to my thighs but it's awesome!

Glue wooden letters onto a canvas and spray paint.

#DIY watermark t-shirt dying -- Elmers School Glue as the resist

Just did this today for my office! Ombre curtains

Braided Headbands (braid some fabric and glue onto a headband)

Turn a shoebox and a magnifying glass into your own smartphone projector.

Old furniture turned DIY play kitchen I love this!

Why didnt i think of this??? cut your home state out on glitter paper and glue to canvas

DIY: Galaxy Shirt

Glue, tea, dye to print t-shirt

DIY dip dye t-shirt

How To Make Your Own Bleach Gel!!

I NEED THESE!!!! This glue is magical! We used it at girls camp! WOW! :)

DIY project. glue. fabric. pottery

finished skirt by Pinafores Pinwheels, via Flickr glue resist dye technique

Glue a cheap figurine onto jar top; let dry; spray lid & figurine. Possibilities are endless!

Dye old stuff to make it cool! (A great tutorial.)

Ombre dye!! this is a really cool idea

DIY Hot Glue Canvas Art