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Noahs Dad, Blog and story of an amazing little boy and his family!

Chasing Hazelfrom Chasing Hazel

PT & OT for Children with Down Syndrome

Here are some of the Occupational therapy activities we do with our daughter, Hazel, who has Down syndrome.


10 Dynamic Warm-Up Exercises to Prime You for Your Workout

Physical therapy exercises for babies with down's syndrome. Must try!

Chasing Hazelfrom Chasing Hazel

Physiotherapy - Strengthening Hamstrings & Quads

PT activities to help promote strengthening of the hamstrings and quads for children. Our daughter Hazel does them. She has Down syndrome

National Geographicfrom National Geographic

What's It Like To Have Down Syndrome? -- National Geographic Kids

What's it like to have Down Syndrome?

7 Developmental Toys For Children With Down Syndrome By Fisher Price

12 Popular Developmental Therapy Posts For Children With Down Syndrome You Might Have Missed

Learning To Crawl With An Exercise Ball, and Why Every Child With Down Syndrome Should Have One.

Parentsfrom Parents

How to Raise a Child With Down Syndrome: Advice and Resources

How to Raise a Child With Down Syndrome: Advice and Resources - A mother of a child with Down syndrome shares her recommendations.

We all have them...a wiggly, distracted child in class. What to do about them? Read this guest post from Anne-Marie over at The Tutor House. She shares practical advice in this two part series.