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Elle Macpherson Gets Motivated to Workout With This Simple Trick

The Artists Way is the seminal book about how to reintegrate the creative process in every day life, find meaning and self confidence through fulfilling our creative calling. A powerfully provocative and inspiring guide to living the artists life. beauty

10 Ways to Work Out Without Even Meaning To (PHOTOS)

Great 'no work' workouts! #8 is guaranteed to TORCH calories!

The Best of Forever 21's New Line of Plus-Size Activewear (PHOTOS)

Sleek but simple, these Athletic Leggings ($22.90, are stretchy and comfortable, but they're also up to withstanding tough workouts.

New Twerking Workout Makes Pole Dance Fitness Look Tame (VIDEO)

There's a twerking workout! Worth a shot, right?

Elle Macpherson by James Houston. Isn't she AMAZING! Almost 50 and she is RoCkInG her bod ;)))) #beinspired #fit

Why My Mother Will Never Quit Smoking Even If It Does ‘Rot’ Your Brain

Health Risks,Quit Smoking,Your Brain,Horrible,Habit,Findings,Health Fitness,Healthy Living,Mothers

America’s Fattest States: Are You Living in One?

As the obesity epidemic continues more than a third of the population in 12 U.S. states are clinically obese. Mississippi is officially the fattest state in the country, with almost 36 per cent of its residents falling under the classification.

This Bad Habit Could Be Just As Hazardous to Your Health As Smoking (VIDEO)

This Bad Habit Could Be Just As Hazardous to Your Health As Smoking