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Redneck Obama

Redneck word of the day: Obama! I bought me a case of beer and drank it Obama self.

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Redneck Harley Redneck Bass Boat Redneck Grill Redneck Horseshoes Redneck Lawnmower Redneck Weatherstation Redneck Pet Carrier Redneck Gingerbread House Redneck Palm Pilot Redneck Powerball Winner The Above Powerball Winner on Vacation .

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gusset: “ It’s like a trailer park tree house. or a trailer park mansion… ”


Redneck murders are hard to solve. There're no dental records and all of the DNA is the same.

Redneck.. I would totally do this.K

20 Of The Best Redneck Repair Jobs

some are REALLY funny and when you realize there are actual photos. 20 Of The Best Redneck Repair Jobs: This car seat. Let us know if you'd like a REAL (and legal) car seat.

Redneck Home Pool In A Truck. Bahaha

redneck swimming pool- rednecks were to the to go green and upcycle and recycle, they just do it with less paint and ribbon than Martha freakin Stewart! Go Rednecks! -an original quote and observation by me TL :D