{Sight Word Drag Racing} "There are few toys my boys love more than their Matchbox cars. I watched them eagerly race two cars at a time down their track, I was struck with an idea. With one simple twist, their playful competition would make a motivating and educational game. Sight Word Drag Racing was born."

Game for sight words. Canister is filled with cups and each cup has a sight word on it. When a sight word is read correctly, they can start building a tower. If they get a word wrong or knock over the tower or the tower falls, they have to start over.

These sight word activities are fun alternatives to flash cards. Plus, they're low prep! I love easy sight word games.

call out sight word, child parks car in that spot.

Hanging Sight Words game. Active and FUN way to practice reading sight words!

Teacher calls out a sight word and student has to park a car on the dictated word. What a fun way to practice sight words! Especially for boys:o)

Gross Motor Sight Word Game: Cup Crash! Read each word on the cup and then stack them up to make a tower. Then take a ball and knock it down!

Sight word popsicle stick puzzles. literacy center, match and write it do they sell these sticks at dollar tree?

This is amazing activity, outdoor fun and learning. - use 10 golf pegs and plug them in the ground, - set 10 ping pong bolls on top (previously you would take s

Whack-a-word! Call out a word and who ever hits it first with the hammer gets to keep it. Could think of lots of applications for this - recognizing sight words, finding rhyming words, learning vocabulary--Used fly swatters also

color word sentences

Slap! Call out a word and first person to slap it, adds it to their pile….. vocabulary, sight words, math facts… so many possibilities!

students have to read the word before they can move...i think this could work in Kindergarten, after Christmas...

cupcake sight word game

Dollar store photo albums, turned into flashcards. Easy to write and wipe, just insert what you are working on. You could even just insert white paper and have them work on writing sight words, so many ways to use them.

sight word search with magnifying glass

FREE Alphabet Road Letter Tracing Book. Such a fun ABC game for kids! This would make a super motivating literacy center or busy bag. {Playdough to Plato}

50 Playful Sight Word Activity Ideas

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When they catch a fish, they must read the sight word, and color the corresponding fish on their Let's Go Fishin' worksheet. The fish then go back in the pond, and the game continues until their worksheet is completed. Can modify with math facts.