{Sight Word Drag Racing} "There are few toys my boys love more than their Matchbox cars. I watched them eagerly race two cars at a time down their track, I was struck with an idea. With one simple twist, their playful competition would make a motivating and educational game. Sight Word Drag Racing was born."

Game for sight words. Canister is filled with cups and each cup has a sight word on it. When a sight word is read correctly, they can start building a tower. If they get a word wrong or knock over the tower or the tower falls, they have to start over.

call out sight word, child parks car in that spot.

Gross Motor Sight Word Game: Cup Crash! Read each word on the cup and then stack them up to make a tower. Then take a ball and knock it down!

Hanging Sight Words game. Active and FUN way to practice reading sight words!

Sight word popsicle stick puzzles. literacy center, match and write it do they sell these sticks at dollar tree?

Toddler Approved!: Alphabet Bug Spray LOVE LOVE LOVE, morning activity Give each kiddo a letter and bug spray and got for it. Or a relay. Toes on a line, first one gets A runs back second gets B etc

This sounds like fun...Sight word walk...How far can you go without making a mistake?

Name Puzzle

Pancake flip - great for artic, vocab (synonyms/antonyms), sight words, etc.

Dollar store photo albums, turned into flashcards. Easy to write and wipe, just insert what you are working on. You could even just insert white paper and have them work on writing sight words, so many ways to use them.

Rhyming Word Family Flip Books (free; for Grades K,1& 2; from Gramma Elliot on TpT)

Fun Ways to Practice Sight Words {Sight Words}. Love using the pencil box to hold the salt/sand.

Spaghetti Sight Words: students pick a meatball, write the sight word, then make it out of 'spaghetti' yarn!

When they catch a fish, they must read the sight word, and color the corresponding fish on their Let's Go Fishin' worksheet. The fish then go back in the pond, and the game continues until their worksheet is completed. Can modify with math facts.

Sight Word Fluency - This is such a fabulous system for tracking and assessing sight words, and to make it even better, it gets kids motivated!

Name matching practice with velcro

Sight word fun

Sight Word Bottles

Sight Word Twister! Kids will not want to stop playing. It's an active, hilarious way to learn those sight words

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